Swap your OLD Idavoll Tokens for New Tokens with our new SWAP Dapp

Idavoll DAO
2 min readFeb 7, 2023


Hello Community,

Due to our rebranding, we have planned to issue our token on a new smart contract. The supply is equivalent to the old contract tokens and is of an exact value.

OLD Smartcontract: 0x92Ec47DF1AA167806dFa4916D9Cfb99da6953b8F

NEW Smartcontract: 0x45448E05020576929fcDEabC228E35b420098840(don't transfer to this address)

We have opened a dashboard to make this process simple for our holders.

Here are simple steps to be followed to exchange your old IDV tokens to new IDV tokens

Step 1: Visit our swap dashboard https://swap.idavoll.network/

Step 2: Click on Connect Wallet and select the wallet in which you hold the old IDV tokens

Step 3: Once the wallet is connected to Ethereum Network, you’ll be able to see your old IDV token balance which can be exchanged for new IDV tokens. Click on CHANGE to proceed with the swapping process and click confirm. (A pop-up appears in metamask to give access to spend limit, once passed and block ensures the new tokens will be added to your wallet)

Thank you.

Please Note: https://swap.idavoll.network/ will be online till 24th of Feb 2023

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