Idavoll DAO
2 min readApr 4, 2021

Idavoll Network is a decentralized autonomous organization platform. It is a parallel chain of Polkadot based on the substrate2.0 development framework, which is convenient for users to create and manage organizations freely. Idavoll provides users with a set of basic building templates for users to flexibly and freely create custom organizations. The minimal definition of a DAO should be: an organization can renew itself and maintain its identity forever. Then our basic core components should include “organization” and “voting”.

Keeping this as a base, to execute our goal, we present our roadmap below.

Dawn — April 2021:

  1. Realize the public governance module and online selection and voting
  2. Support governance mining function
  3. Global governance voting verification module going live

Genesis 2021 Q4:

CC1 — Mid-Q2 2021

  1. Based on the substrate framework, the PoA consensus algorithm of the Aura mechanism is supported and the validator node is designated by Genesis.
  2. Idavoll DAO basic prototype verification.

CC2–2021 Q4

  1. Based on the substrate framework, support the Babe mechanism based on PoS consensus algorithm.
  2. Support the pledge, redemption, delegation, etc. of validator nodes
  3. Support deployment and operation of smart contracts in WebAssembly format.
  4. Support idavoll DAO multi-model processing.

Republic 2022 Q2

  1. Support access to Polkadot mainnet
  2. Support Idavoll Court governance function.
  3. Support mainnet token mapping.

Prosperity 2022 Q3 Onwards:

  1. Support cross-chain governance function
  2. Support parachain ecological governance function

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