Roadmap Release(2023)


2023 Q1

Investment DAO module upgrade

Support more users use Investment DAO proposal

NFT DAO product design

2023 Q2

NFT DAO platform UI&UX design

NFT DAO vault module development (safe guard users NFT for governance and DAO management)

NFT DAO governance module development (proposal, vote, execution for NFT DAO management)

2023 Q3

NFT DAO staking&mining module development (Idavoll will grant selected DAO space with some amount of token to incentivize NFT holders who staked and joined DAO governance)

NFT DAO participation identification module development (proof of NFT ownership and participation of governance)

2023 Q4

NFT DAO creation module(allow project owners to create a DAO space after verification)

NFT DAO beta testing on BNB Chain and Goreli testnet

NFT DAO launch



Idavoll DAO

Welcome to the world of Idavoll DAO

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