Recruiting Ambassadors for Idavoll Network!! Join Us

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1 min readOct 28, 2021


Idavoll Brand Ambassador Recruitment Campaign

Idavoll is now recruiting 20 ELITE BRAND AMBASSDORS to increase product Alpen DAO platform. Seize your chances! If you meet the criteria below, feel free to apply via Idavoll Brand Ambassdor Telegram group:

Basic requirement:
1. Land more crypto projects on Alpen by creating independent project spaces.
2. Let the corresponding project create governance proposals.
3. Engage project’s token holders vote on the proposals.

The monthly basis KPI is the following:
1. 5 projects land on Alpen
2. 3 independent proposals created by the project landed on Alpen
3. 10 individual votes per proposal

1. For Ambassadors who overfulfill the task each month, we will provide additional 50–200 USDT extra rewards according to the project amount ranking of the projects that successfully landed on Alpen.
2. Projects on Alpen participated in DAO Vault Staking, an extra 50 USDT will also be rewarded to the Ambassador.

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