Product and Development Updates

  1. New design and function of voting scheme in Idavoll DAO 2.0 is in development phase. Users can vote on their favorite proposals with gasless actions
  2. Popular spaces are invited to join the new Idavoll DAO 2.0 during the testing phase.
  3. Voting action and proposing action of Idavoll DAO 2.0 are under testing phase in Polygon network.

Marketing & Business Updates

  1. Partnership: Asva Labs Joined Hands with Idavoll Network to Integrate a Cross-Chain Governance Framework on Asva Finance. Idavoll will help Asva Finance integrate a customized regulatory and governance framework into their ecosystem. Read here:
  2. The first test version of Idavoll Governance was showcased to our community. Check it out here:
  3. The press release of IDAVOLL NETWORK completing the delivery of Web3 Foundation Grant was published on KPENews and Choson publications.

About Idavoll Network




Welcome to the world of Idavoll DAO

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Idavoll DAO

Idavoll DAO

Welcome to the world of Idavoll DAO

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