IDAVOLL DAO Monthly Newsletter- OCTOBER

Idavoll DAO
1 min readNov 2, 2023

Product and Development Update

  1. The Alpen Staking Pool Contract is now considered using ERC-4626 Tokenized Vault Standard. The token stored in the pool will gain a customized yield rate according to the pool setting. The issued shared token can also be transferred.
  2. The Omnichannel DAO spaces are under development for multichain cross-chain voting contracts. It will enable users to vote with their tokens for different chains. The team is considering multiple cross-chain solutions such us Stargate, wormhole, and butter.
  3. The investment DAO is under discussion for relaunch. The market is now filled with many new ideas and they all need funds to support.

Marketing and Business Updates

  1. Our team did market research on the current market condition and optimized the strategy for the business
  2. Our partner leads have brought new opportunities and collaborations together for the month of November
  3. The final stage of exchange listing was completed by our Market Maker and we are in the final stage of listing the token

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