IDAVOLL DAO Monthly Newsletter- MARCH(Until 15th) 2024

Idavoll DAO
2 min readMar 15, 2024

1 Product and Development Update

We have finished 70% of the development for Roadmap Q1.

Chapter 1: Building Bridges to Bitcoin (Q1 2024)Imagine a world where the secure foundation of Bitcoin meets the flexibility and innovation of BRC-20 tokens. This chapter lays the groundwork for that reality, crafting seamless bridges that allow these two titans to co-exist and even enhance each other. Through strategic partnerships and clever solutions, we’ll pave the way for users to effortlessly move their assets and experience the exciting opportunities brewing on both sides. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ll also ignite a wave of Bitcoin adoption by leveraging its inherent strengths and demystifying its intricacies through impactful initiatives. Think educational programs, developer tools, and community-building efforts — all geared towards weaving BRC-20 functionality into the very fabric of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Chapter 2: Amplifying Awareness Through Meme Magic and Listing(Q2 2024)

We have finished 50% of the development for Roadmap Q2.

Let’s face it, complex concepts can sometimes feel like wading through a swamp of jargon. But fear not, for Chapter 2 brings the antidote: meme magic! We’ll unleash a captivating series of memes that spark community engagement and break down the walls of confusion surrounding BRC-20. Imagine witty visuals and hilarious catchphrases that demystify intricate details and spread the gospel of BRC-20’s utility and benefits like wildfire.

2 Marketing and Business Updates

We are planning events with partners to bring our community together to engage in cross-marketing opportunities.

Discussed with PrivateAI to pre-listed IDAVOLL DAO on DAO Tracker of PrivateAI.

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