IDAVOLL DAO Monthly Newsletter- JULY

Idavoll DAO
1 min readAug 1, 2023


Product and Development Update

  1. The Alpen voting contract is optimized and deployment contracts on Polygon and Klaytn are almost complete.
  2. Omnichannel DAO development has been completed and internal testing is ongoing with a couple of projects.
  3. The staking pool features are near completion which gives custom features for the DAO owner.

Marketing and Business Updates

  1. We announced our partnership with STF protocol which is a leading provider of #LSD products specializing in storage and computing blockchains like #Filecoin
  2. We announced our partnership with Mises, Mises is the world’s first browser for mobile, providing a fast and secure experience based on the Mises ID system.
  3. Onboarded a few other projects for our Omnichannel DAO
  4. The listing process is in full swing and we are expecting results soon on it

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