IDAVOLL DAO Monthly Newsletter- February

Idavoll DAO
1 min readMar 2, 2023


Product and Development Update

  1. The investment DAO will be in the progress of making a dedicated financial-focused dao space for users to make an investment decision and fund management. The team is now researching on EIP-4626 for generating tokenized vault.

2. The dedicated investment dao space is currently designing a new UI&UX. It will be a reliable platform that is similar to the Alpen.

3. The alpen team is in testing phase with cross-chain interoperability introduced by map protocol which allows user to vote, iniate proposals or execute contract call from a different chain.

Marketing and Business Updates

  1. Our strategic partnership with Fomoin got us a great reach with other communities and the airdrop event was successful
  2. Our team did market research on the current market condition and optimized the strategy for the business which we will implement in the upcoming days

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