IDAVOLL DAO Monthly Newsletter- April(Until 15th) 2024

Idavoll DAO
1 min readApr 15, 2024

Product and Development Update
1. Establishing BRC20 and MEME specialized zones, dynamically filtering relevant proposals for display in the specialized zones, and providing real-time visualization of voting behavior (Completed).

2. Supporting the creation of BRC20 and Memecoin project spaces, allowing for detailed settings including profile information (avatar, description, banner, logo), proposal settings (conditions, voting options, thresholds, approval criteria), management settings, and result presentation schemes. (Completed)

3. Supporting the creation of proposals for BRC20 and Memecoin projects, allowing for token-based voting with snapshot vote tallying, and enabling decentralized IPFS storage for proposal and voting content (Completed).

4. Developing backend interfaces for vote management, supporting proposal lists, voting on proposals, and real-time display of proposal results, facilitating community observation of their own votes for decision-making and governance of internal community affairs (Completed).

5. Supporting the establishment of NFT spaces, utilizing ERC721 for voting, enabling ERC721 Metadata retrieval within proposals, and supporting image uploads. (Completed)