IDAVOLL DAO Bi-Weekly Newsletter- July

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1 min readJul 15, 2022


Product and Development Update

  1. The original Alpen has also supported Klaytn now. User can connect their metamask wallet to add Klaytn network and then use metamask to sign voting messages now
  2. The Alpen team is in the progress of integrating Okex Chain Mainnet with the support of the OKC team. Users will be able to create DAO space in Alpen with OKC native tokens.
  3. The Alpen team is now in the discussion of adding a test version of Alpen. The test version will integrated with multiple test network including Ethereum Rinkeby and it is built for users who want to try out with DAO governance.

Marketing and Business Updates

  1. Idavoll DAO cross-chain DAO platform support to Okex Chain is near complete and will go live soon
  2. The team is working on building DAOverse, which includes support to other chains and onboarding their projects.

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