IDAVOLL DAO Bi-Weekly Newsletter- JULY (2)

  1. The OKX chain is now supported on Alpen now. The user now can create spaces connected to OKC and use OKC-based KIP-20 tokens or KIP-721 tokens for governance and vote.
  2. The testnet integration is still in progress. The Ethereum rinkeby is now connected and is under testing. More testnets including BSC testnet, Ethereum Ropsten and map testnet are ready to be added
  3. The staking for Idavoll and Map in Alpen1.5 was postponed due to the network upgrade for MAP POC-3. The staking is ready to be restarted after upgrading and staking rewards remain the same.
  1. BD team is working on a couple of infrastructure projects for an active partnership.
  2. We have strategized our social media marketing and working on designing and executing campaigns in the coming days



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