IDAVOLL DAO Bi-Weekly Newsletter- January (2)

Idavoll DAO
1 min readFeb 1


Product and Development Update

  1. The investment dao roadmap module is going to the test phase which can display the roadmap of the project owner
  2. The investment dao is in the progress of designing UI & UX on new project details which can be different from the original Alpen project space
  3. The NFT DAO is still in the progress of discussion. The main point is to attract artists and NFT holders to join the space with incentives

Marketing and Business Updates

  1. We planned and focused on a new marketing strategy with an omnichannel vision, which will be implemented soon
  2. Revisited our partner leads and planned to convert and explore new opportunities and collaborations together

PS: With focus of giving significant updates and share more information to our community, we have decided to publish Monthly updates instead of Bi-Weekly from the month of February 2023.

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