IDAVOLL DAO Bi-Weekly Newsletter- December

Idavoll DAO
1 min readDec 17, 2022

Product and Development Update

  1. The investment proposal is under development. Admins of a certain space can set requirement for creating an investment proposal or crowdfunding proposal. Users who want to initiate such proposals should have a detailed description, roadmaps, and a target crowding-funding goal. Supporters can send tokens specified in the proposal to the crowd-funding contract.
  2. The Alpen team is now in the discussion of switching IPFS to Arweave. The proposal details and vote results data are now stored in IPFS for everybody to retrieve. The Arweave permernant storage solution seems to be a better plan for all those proposals in a new Web3 spaces.

Marketing and Business Updates

  1. Idavoll DAO cross-chain DAO platform support to other chains is in progress.
  2. The team is working on onboarding more strategic partners.

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